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  • Orion's Refurbishment Services: Cookware and Bakeware
    Posted: 8/1/2018
    Orion's Refurbishment Services for the nonstick release surfaces of high-volume cooking and baking surfaces for commercial food processing lines provides renewed non-stick surface service life.
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  • Gluten-Free Cookware: Orion's Commitment to Coating Safe Cookware for All
    Posted: 7/30/2018
    Thanks to advances in modern medicine and nutrition, specifically allergy and food sensitivity testing, more and more people of all ages are given an opportunity to learn what foods to avoid in order to feel their best and operate at their healthiest.
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  • Orion's Life-Saving Application for Bonded Coating: Emergency Auto-Injectors
    Posted: 7/23/2018
    Orion applies bonded coatings to springs used in devices that prevent life-threatening asthma attacks and emergency anaphylaxis.
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  • Orion + Sandstrom = A Technical Partnership Taking the Coatings World by Storm!
    Posted: 6/19/2018
    We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sandstrom Coating Technologies, a very reputable cornerstone of the coatings industry since 1946! We are honored to announce that, after 25+ years of applying Sandstrom Coatings, we have been named one of Sandstrom's Accredited Coatings Applicators.
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  • Anyone Can Stop the Line, and What that Means for Quality
    Posted: 6/7/2018
    At Orion Industries, each one of our team members play a vital role in our production process. We embrace diversity and expertise, and this means that each professional has a unique and critical role in our process, and that anyone can stop the line.
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  • Orion Recognized as Chemours LIA
    Posted: 8/29/2017
    Orion Industries recognized as a Chemours Licensed Industrial Applicator
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  • Orion Industries Becomes CCAI Member
    Posted: 12/29/2016
    Orion Industries inducted as member of Chemical Coaters Association International, featured in The Finishing Touch magazine
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  • 9 Lesser Known Industry Applications of TeflonŽ
    Posted: 10/13/2016
    TeflonŽ coatings are used in numerous industries and applications - so much more than just cookware! Learn about some of the unique uses of TeflonŽ and PTFE coatings from personal care products to car parts and the construction trade.
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  • How is PTFE (TeflonŽ) Made?
    Posted: 8/25/2016
    Learn more about how PTFE, or industrial TeflonŽ coatings, is made, including the origin story, common industrial coatings applications and the key chemical production steps.
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  • Orion Sends Employees to Cubs Playoffs!
    Posted: 10/23/2015
    Nine lucky employees had the opportunity to attend a 2015 Cubs postseason game thanks to Orion Industries!
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  • The Importance of Tight Tolerances
    Posted: 8/11/2015
    Every mechanical device we encounter is made up of separate parts that all must fit together, moving fails. During the manufacturing process, sometimes parts experience small dimensional variations. As such, engineers design parts with built-in tolerances to accommodate those variations.
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  • Orion Industries Earns One of Top Finishing Shops in USA
    Posted: 7/31/2015
    Products Finishing magazine names Orion Industries to its "Top Shops" list
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  • Three Coats a Charm
    Posted: 7/21/2015
    Even the most innovative of technology is not always perfected from the outset. These days, consumers in the market for non-stick cookware can make their purchases with confidence, trusting that their cookware will perform exactly as expected ? but that wasn?t always the case. The application of PTFE-based TeflonŽ in the food processing industry underwent a major evolution in the mid-to-late 1900s, leading to the non-stick products consumers know today.
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  • Laura J. Abad Receives ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer
    Posted: 6/16/2015
    The Certification Board of ASQ (American Society for Quality) is pleased to announce that Laura J. Abad has completed the requirements to be named an ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer, or ASQ CQE.
    As such, Laura J. Abad has reached a significant level of professional recognition, indicating a proficiency in and a comprehension of quality engineering principles and practices.
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  • The Importance of PTFE Coating in the Medical Field
    Posted: 12/24/2014
    When it comes to non-stick coating, we often think of pots, pans, and various kitchen utensils. However, coating services are not limited to the food processing industry but are rather an integral part of a variety of industries which we rely on heavily. These include the medical, industrial, automotive, and chemical processing trades, all of which depend on a variation of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coatings to ensure the optimum function of certain processes.
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