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December 2014

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  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about PTFE
    Posted: 12/18/2014
    PTFE, otherwise known as TeflonŽ coating, is used in the production of many cooking essentials. Although this is its most famous use, it is also functional in many other ways, including as a fabric protector. Since PTFE is hydrophobic -- it repels water -- it is possible for it to repel liquid stains from penetrating fabric, too. It is also used extensively within the medical, industrial, automotive, food processing, and chemical processing industries all around the globe.
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  • Introducing the DuPont TeflonŽ Pioneer Series
    Posted: 12/16/2014
    Bruce Nesbitt is a leader in the industrial coatings field. His experiences over the years help to give perspective on the coating industry and how it has grown and evolved. In an effort to highlight some enduring coaters in the industry, we are presenting a series of interviews conducted with these highly regarded professionals. Our first Pioneer Series interview spotlight is on Bruce Nesbitt, of Orion Industries. Please read on to learn about Bruce's story in the industrial coatings industry.
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  • Take Advantage of One of Our Durable PTFE Coatings!
    Posted: 12/10/2014
    FluoroPlate TJ4-7676 is a black resin-bonded PTFE coating, low to medium gloss, dry film lubricant that adheres to most metals and some ceramics and plastics.
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