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April 2014

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  • The Bonded on Bearing
    Posted: 4/21/2014
    They are good enough for NASCAR engines. Bonded bearing surfaces are coatings made from high-performance polymers reinforced with hard nanosized particles.

    Most engineers would jump at the chance to replace bearing inserts with dry lubricants. In many cases, of course, this just hasn't been practical. PTFE and moly-filled coatings might work on light loads that move slowly with PV (pressure X velocity) levels of 5,000 to 10,000 lb/in.-sec. But this PV just isn't high enough to replace traditional bearings. Abrasion is another problem and erosion can literally wash the coatings away.
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  • Orion Industries Gainsharing Program
    Posted: 4/8/2014
    What is Gainsharing?
    Gainsharing is a group, pay-for-performance plan in which improvement in employee performance productivity (i.e., higher throughput, less downtime on the batch mixers), quality (i.e., proper color consistency or coating thickness) and safety (fewer accidents) over a set threshold is quantified and given a dollar value. The value, or gain, is split (hence the name) between the company and its employees....
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