Everlube Coatings

Everlube Coatings:

  • Electrofilm
  • Lubri-Bond
  • Lub-Lok
  • Everlube
  • Lubri-Tech

Solid film lubricants are often described as "lubricating paints." They are composed of a suitable resin or binder, lubricating solids, additives and a solvent system. Applied to properly prepared surfaces in a thin film, the resultant dry coating has load carrying capacity, corrosion protection and long wear life. Other desired properties such as LOX compatibility, fluid resistance, oven cure or air dry, will depend upon the specific formulation.

To achieve maximum performance of the solid film lubricants / dry film lubricants provided by Everlube and Electrofilm, it is essential that the substrate be properly cleaned and prepared prior to the application of the coating. Depending upon the metal or alloy, hardness, surface finish, etc., the pre-treatments may vary widely. Orion Industries Ltd. has the experience and expertise to ensure that your project is completed in the most effective and efficient manner possible.