Non-Stick Coated Glass Bakeware

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Coating Purposes

Glass casserole dishes have a special baking quality for casseroles and other savory, yet sticky foods with cheese and all the other goodies that we love. Orion has perfected the bonding of PTFE non-stick coatings to both soda lime and borosilicate glass. After the successful bonding of the first coat of pigmented PTFE coating, we apply a second black PTFE coating to provide the non stick surface. Orion's technical staff formulated a dozen colors, including gold, silver, blue, red, etc to provide not only easy clean PTFE non-stick coated glass baking containers in a wide range of beautiful colors.

Orion can make any coating Anti Microbial upon request.
Click here to view/download Orion's Anti Microbial Info Sheet