Non Stick Coating

Orion Coatings is one the nation's biggest non-stick and coating applicators, offering their clients thousands of coating options, ranging from Xylan® coatings, Halar® coatings, fluoropolymer coatings, PFA coatings, Emralon® coatings as well as Teflon® coatings. The non-stick coating is used in many industries and to create a number of items, such as the non-stick coated broiler pans and non-stick burner bowls, as well as pizza pans and non-stick glass bakeware. The industries that are served by Orion Coatings include aerospace, automotive, molding, plastic manufacturers, and even within the racing industries. However, in terms of non-stick coating, this application is used extensively within the commercial baking sector. The need for rigid non-stick coating within the commercial baking sector is paramount and Orion Coatings have been able to meet this need and has, in fact, perfected the high volume non-stick coating applications. In fact, the perfection of applying non-stick coating to commercial bakeware has allowed Orion Coatings to be awarded with multi-year contacts and as such, is committed to offering commercial bakeries with the very best in Teflon® and non-stick coatings.

The non-stick coating is applied to baking pans, laminated baking systems, deep dish pizza pans, or covers, coated bakeware which includes an array of baking dishes. Orion Industries has been in the coating application industry for more than forty-five years and their wide knowledge and understanding of the industries that it services has allowed Orion Coating's non-stick coating, along with other coating applications to create functional surfaces that enhance the performance of their client's products. In addition to the non-stick coatings, Orion Coatings is able to assist with issues such as friction, corrosion, noise, and abrasion. The onsite laboratory of Orion Coatings provides them with the opportunity to develop and test their coating applications, making certain that when applied the non-stick coating or other type of coating is able to resolve a number of issues and increase the value and performance of the coated product.

In addition to our non-stick coating serving the needs of those within the commercial baking sectors, our non-stick coating is used extensively within the manufacture of consumer products, such as the non-stick coated cake pan, the non-stick coated waffle pan and numerous other baking pans and frying pans. The first non-stick coating on consumer products was in 1940; however, since the early days of non-stick coating, Orion has assisted with the manufacture of thousands of consumer products and cooking devices, which include Coleman, West Bend, and Regal Ware along with our well-known consumer product companies. The non-stick coated frying pan and baking equipment is found in just about every single kitchen around the world and many of these items have had non-stick coating applied by the leaders in non-stick coating, Orion. Please feel free to gain additional information regarding our full range of coatings offered, as well as the industries that we serve, via our website at