Client Successes

  • All-Clad
    Orion Industries assisted in developing this new project for All-Clad, which was featured in the Nov' 2016 issue of Williams Sonoma.
  • Baxter
    Baxter, a U.S. manufacturer of endoscopic and surgical instrumentation approached Orion with a challenge: the number of surgeries using this instrumentation was on the rise in the early 1980's.
  • Camcar-Textron
    Camcar-Textron, a major manufacturer of fasteners, needed an oil filter attachment bolt for the Chrysler Corporation coated to a number of important specifications.
  • Caterpillar Corporation
    Orion Industries worked with NTN Bower Corporation on a problem Caterpillar Corporation was having with galling of a sleeve bearing on a tractor axle.
  • Chrysler
    Engineering managers of Chrysler's Kenosha engine plant and Dow Corning give credit to Orion Industries Ltd., for achieving, in record time, the transition from tin plating to Molykote D-10 coating on 9,000 to 9,500 piston skirts a day without a delay in the engine plant's just-in-time production system.
  • Calphalon Cookware
    Calphalon, then a manufacturer of exclusively commercial cookware, approached Orion with their plan to enter the large consumer cookware market.
  • Envirovac
    Envirovac, a major manufacturer of toilet bowls for the airline industry, was faced with a problem: Water usage on flights for the Japanese markets was more than double that of European and U.S. market flights; the reason identified was the cultural importance of cleanliness in the Japanese market.
  • Graymills Corp
    Graymills Corp., a manufacturer of equipment, pumps and components for the printing industry, was experiencing a problem in the field: environmental regulations, forcing printers to use water-based inks, was causing a corrosion problem on the iron components marketed.
  • Morning Delight
    Morning Delight, a company in the business of refurbishing fast food restaurant and hotel equipment, was having problems with the proper servicing of electric waffle irons: It needed to have enough consistency of appearance and quality to make customers content.
  • Spanek
    Spanek, a major U.S. manufacturer of poultry cooking racks, was stuck with a warehouse full of thousands of parts with defective chrome plating.
  • Vollrath
    Vollrath, a well-known manufacturer of institutional food service equipment, approached Orion with their plan to provide a non-stick coating on a line of their warming trays.
  • West Bend
    West Bend, a U.S. manufacturer of breadmakers, came to Orion with a problem: They had been unsuccessful with their current coating system, and needed assistance in identifying a better coating.
  • Whirlpool
    Whirlpool, a leading manufacturer of clothes dryers, came to Orion with a problem: Polyester fibers and lint were melting and plugging the heat vents in their gas dryers.