A passion for mechanics and motor racing launched Orion Industries from humble basement beginnings to a leading force in the functional coating industry. In 1963, founder Bruce Nesbitt began researching a coating from Alpha Molykote to further his motor racing hobby. The coating was made of molybdenum disulfide for automotive engine and drive train parts. The simple research project stimulated a profound interest in functional coatings and their applications, which Bruce used to slowly grow Orion from a dream with one employee to the most technically advanced functional coating application corporation in the industry. It is the joy and challenge of solving coating problems through research, designing and building automated coating application equipment that Bruce still carries with him as an active leader in Orion.

Orion's unique origins and stable growth process encourage a dedication to strategic, long-term relationships with customers. As part of the relationship building process, each new customer is introduced to the Solutioneering® philosophy of succeeding, which matches technical requirements of a job with the best candidate resin and optimized application. The process of working with customers as individuals to truly deliver the best coating application service in the industry has resulted in Orion earning the privilege and responsibility of being the single source of supply for more than 95% of its customers.