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July 2014

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  • Infections and the Chain of Command
    Posted: 7/10/2014
    "You may leave sicker than when you came in."

    Another case for anti-microbial coatings
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  • Direct-bond Bearings Challenge Inserts
    Posted: 7/2/2014
    Machine Design Magazine Article
    Coatings make more efficient use of bearing materials and eliminate secondary machining and installation.

    Dry, unlubricated insert bearings excel in jobs where it's tough to maintain oil and grease lubrication. Applications for insert bearings include sliding and rotating rods in shock absorbers, air cylinders, gas springs, solenoids, valve shuttles, small pumps, servomotors, and hydraulic and mechanical actuators. Bearings made of glass and bronze-filled PTFE or nylon go in machined bores and housings and are held in place by press fits, snap rings, staking, or pins...

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