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October 2014

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  • Our Favorite Non-Stick Items Found in the Kitchen
    Posted: 10/29/2014
    For most people, cooking and baking is a pleasure. It brings family together, it is fun, and the result is almost always delicious. Items that have a non-stick coating make the task of cooking far more enjoyable, especially when it comes to the clean-up.
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  • How FluoroPlate Antimicrobial Coatings Are Made
    Posted: 10/22/2014
    Many biomedical industries that need to inhibit the spread of disease through communal use of materials seek FluoroPlate antimicrobial (AM) coatings. The efficiency of FluoroPlate AM coatings in killing pathogens has been stringently tested in laboratories, which has led to confirmed pathogen kill rates of 99%.
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