Coating Refurbishment Services for Commercial Baking Equipment

Posted: 8/1/2018


North American Non Stick Coating Refurbishment Services for High Volume Commercial Baking Equipment


The BCS groups restores cooking surfaces to provide renewed long-term nonstick performance characteristics of every type of equipment on the market.

We begin the refurbishment process with an extremely careful cleaning of the used or worn surface. The refurbishment starts with the removal of all food products, and the entire original nonstick coating. The result is a clean surface providing a foundation to rebuild the non-stick properties.


If the grit blasting process is performed improperly, micro craters that diminish the life of the cooking surface are the result. But Orion has perfected the coating removal process, providing a precisely clean and textured surface and increasing the underlying metal surface texture.

Orion Industries has developed our restoration process to provide a smooth, properly bonded commercial grade nonstick surface.


Reliable and consistent turnaround of restored commercial food surfaces is a primary focus at Orion Industries. In the 40+ years we have provided this service, we have invested in and developed a unique range of equipment to remove and restore coatings.

We can process hundreds of production line components per day, and have an extensive arsenal of cleaning and coating equipment. Moreover our highly trained production staff works around the clock to provide the smoothest, shortest turnaround cycle possible.

The coating technology materials we use include the full range of SBS coatings along with those of DuPont, Whitford Worldwide and other specialty manufacturers. We stock an extensive inventory of fluoropolymer and silicone coating materials to provide a reliable and consistent turnaround refurbishment service.