Orion + Sandstrom = A Technical Partnership Taking the Coatings World by Storm!

Posted: 6/19/2018

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sandstrom Coating Technologies, a very reputable cornerstone of the coatings industry since 1946! Sandstrom has been certified to meet the Quality Criteria of AS9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001:2015. Our friends at Sandstrom specialize in the development and manufacturing of Solid Film Lubricants and have done great work for companies within a wide array of industries including aerospace, automotive, commercial weapons, and agriculture. We are honored to announce that, after 25+ years of applying Sandstrom Coatings, we have been named one of Sandstrom’s Accredited Coatings Applicators.

In order for Orion to meet the requirements necessary to become one of Sandstrom’s Accredited Coatings Applicators, we had to pass a series of very rigorous quality assurance tests. Our engineering team has worked with our quality team here at Orion to ensure our coating processes and manufacturing plant working environment are held to very high standards of quality, efficiency, and safety in order to meet and surpass these prerequisites.

Sandstrom will also provide us with Salt Spray Testing via ASTM B117 and other industry-required testing as needed. Sandstrom is also one of only two Qualified Suppliers listed on the QPD for the most popular MIL specs regarding Solid Film Lubricants. Some of the Department of Defense specification that Sandstrom manufactures to are MIL-PRF-46010, Mil-PRF-46147, MIL-PRF-81329 and MIL-L-23398. Sandstrom also offers coatings that are approved to SAE/AS and OEM specifications.  

On May 31st, we had a mutually beneficial meeting with Sandstrom President Mark Lousberg, who represented Sandstrom to kick off our exciting partnership.

Mark elaborated on some of the amazing properties of Sandstrom’s coating products to those of us with technical/engineering backgrounds and taught the basics to those of us in other roles. 

 Orion Sandstrom Meeting

Orion Sandstrom meeting





Jeremy Rivera is pictured below with Mark. His efforts as Orion’s Process Engineer are a big part of what allowed us this great opportunity – thank you, Jeremy!

 Orion's Jeremy Rivera with Sandstrom's Mark Lousberg

We look forward to our exciting future working together and all the amazing opportunities that will surely come of our partnership with Sandstrom!