Conformable Coatings

Conformable Coatings FAQs

At what thickness do you apply DB L-908?
We typically apply .002"-.004" per surface on standard, new supercharger or rotary air compressor rotor faces. We can apply as much as .008", but that is generally limited to the inside of cases in the end faces of rotors. We have also applied films of DB L-908 on rotors and housings that have been damaged or severely worn in order to build them up.
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What is the temperature capability of DB L-908?
The temperature capability of DB L-908 is 550°F. IHI has tested the DB L-908 materials as shown in the Machine Design Magazine article.
They have run extreme, long tests for original equipment corrosion and high temperature run capabilities.
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What happens to the industrial coating when it wears off?
DB L-908 does not wear off or delaminate in a properly designed rotary supercharger or your compressor configuration. Keep in mind; the surfaces of the rotors are designed to not touch. As long as rotor faces are gear driven an in index with each other correctly, the DB L-908 will not delaminate or wear off unless there is extreme metal to metal contact, in which case any coating, including hard anodizing, will be removed. In fact, we have many repair supercharger rotors that show the DB L-908 actually wearing through to the metal because there was true metal to metal contact, for which we have no fix or cure. However, the remainder of the rotors surfaces was in the best possible intimate contact because we filled in all the gaps to bring about relatively good efficiency.
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Can DB L-908 be re-applied?
No, DB L-908 cannot be reapplied on top of an already cured DB L-908 coating. However, we can remove the entire surface of the industrial coating and re-apply a brand-new surface of DB L-908. With our cure temperature of 400°F maximum, we have not seen, in any way, an effect on any alloy of most aluminum superchargers or rotary air compressors.
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What is an approximate cost of coating supercharger rotors?
The cost of processing a single rotor ranges from $13 up to more than $140 per rotor. It will depend on the size of the rotor to determine a true cost per rotor. If we receive blueprints with accurate dimensions, we can provide you with an accurate quote. We also need to know shaft sizes, as we may have tooling to hold your rotors already in stock. Processing takes 4 to 5 business days per work order.
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Do you have any performance data on DB L-908 coating on superchargers?
There is a lot of performance data quoted on website. The generation to rotors shape is actually due to our DB L-908. Although the article quotes a 5% increase in efficiency, we have seen test results above 20% efficiency increases. We can expect that you will at least have a 5% increase in efficiency, if you have a normal tolerance assembly. Virtually all of the original group of manufacturers has required us to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This precludes us from giving all the knowledge of test results that we are aware of. We are not aware of one test that of DB L-908 that has produced less than a 5% increase in efficiency.
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