Calphalon Cookware

Calphalon Logo  Then a manufacturer of exclusively commercial cookware, approached Orion with their plan to enter the large consumer cookware market. Their plan called for identifying the best industrial coating service available, placing their respected brand name on the product and selling to the high-end market, with a lifetime warranty.


They had little knowledge of the non-stick coatings available to meet these demanding requirements; and they had no in-house capacity to meet the much larger production requirements of the consumer market. No Coated Cookwareother cookware manufacturer had ever offered a lifetime warranty-- so the process to coat this high-end product had to be developed. Now the coating on the cookware also needed to last a lifetime.


Orion worked with Calphalon from the very start of the project, helping to identify the best industrial coating service, engineering the best process, and investing resources to expand capacity to meet their immediate needs. Within one year, the lifetime-coated cookware exceeded the sales of the standard Calphalon cookware and Orion provided rapid turnaround and consistent quality. Jeff Cooley, President of Calphalon, presented Orion with the Supplier of the Year award for its contribution to this immense project.