Low Friction Coatings for Silicone Rubber

Silicone Inflatable Pillow

Industrial Coating Specifications for Silicone

Orion has developed a totally conformal yet flexible and low friction LSR industrial coating that is bonded chemically to silicone rubber. FluoroBond® LSR is a replacement for Parylene, which is a physical bond and tends to crack. This dramatic industrial coating service breakthrough allows designers and engineers to have the benefits of silicone rubber without the high-friction surface. All molded or extruded silicone rubber components can be processed with the Orion FluoroBond® LSR low-friction technology.

  • Orion Industries
  • Click here to download the informational sheet for FluoroBond® LSR and learn more about the benefits of using FluoroBond LSR® as a replacement for Parylene