Authorities On Industrial Coatings Share Their Knowledge 

As you research the myriad of Teflon™ coating applications available, peruse the resources below. They focus on some of the most common questions that arise regarding Teflon™ industrial coatings, their benefits, and applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the industrial coatings Orion Industries can provide including Teflon® coatings and other PTFE coating services.

PTFE Coatings 101: The Basic Facts about Teflon®

Learn about the origins of PTFE, aka industrial Teflon® coatings, including how it works and its many applications throughout a variety of industries.

Pre-Treating PTFE Improves Durability, Effectiveness

Find out why pre-treating is such a vital part of the coating process.

Different Applications for PTFE Coating

PTFE coating services play a role in an array of industries, used on anything from bakeware to mechanical parts.

Nonstick Coatings

Learn more about the types of nonstick coatings that exist, including the manufacturing process, quality levels, applications and benefits. 

Sol-gel Coatings

Learn more about sol-gel technology, including the manufacturing process. You can also compare and contrast sol-gel nonstick coatings with traditional PTFE coating properties and get answers to common consumer questions.


A defined list of industry related terms and topics