FluoroPlateŽ Anti-Microbial Coating

How Do Anti-Microbial Coatings Kill Pathogens?

How FluoroPlate Works

Silver Oxide is formed on the surface of the FluoroPlate industrial coating, which simultaneously attacks multiple sites within the pathogenic cell to deactivate critical physiological and reproductive functions of the cell. Silver Ions have a high affinity for negatively charged side groups on bacterial molecules, which bind to the bacterial DNA. This hinders bacterial replication and simultaneously deactivates the metabolic enzymes of the cell. The result is that reproduction of the microorganism is stopped or the microorganism is killed. A key advantage of anti-microbial silver is its remarkably low human toxicity combined with a broad spectrum of antibacterial efficacy.

How Are FluoroPlate Anti-Microbial Coatings Made? 

The addition of nano-size, glass particles containing selected metals that produce anti-microbial silver oxide ions, in the presence of moisture, are formulated into a specified coating. These particles are dispersed at the surface and also throughout the industrial coating. Additionally, a higher concentration of anti-microbial particles FluoroPlate Coated Glass Versus Ordinary Glasscan be created at the surface, based on US Patent #7,261,925, assigned to Orion. Glass, as the matrix material, has high chemical inertness. More importantly, glass has the ability to retain metal ions, which are continually liberated in the presence of moisture. FluoroPlate AM uses inorganic materials because they have superior features of safety (non-volatility) and heat resistance to 500° F. The glass, inorganic matrix provides long-term properties. These anti-microbial materials have been tested safe for the human body. More than 500+ liquid and powder coatings that Orion applies can be modified to have anti-microbial properties. Testing for anti-microbial properties is performed at a third party laboratory with the accompanying microbe kill rate efficacy test results documentation.

Benefits of FluoroPlate Anti-Microbial

  • Safer products can be created with a coating of FluoroPlate AM.
  • Anti-microbial properties on the surface of the FluoroPlate AM coating are permanent and remain effective even after the coating is cleaned.
  • List of bacteria FluorPlate Anti-Microbial is effective against.
  • The development of microbe resistance due to generational mutations to anti-microbial silver would be extremely rare because an organism would have to undergo simultaneous mutations in every critical function, within a single generation, to escape the silver's influence.
  • Laboratory tested with pathogen kill rates of 99.9%.
  • Wide range of non-stick & low friction coatings can be formulated with FluoroPlate AM anti-microbial properties.
  • Thickness of coating, including the anti-microbial materials, is unchanged. Typically from .0005” to .002” coating thickness is added to the surface.
  • Non-stick / low-friction coating properties unaffected by the anti-microbial nano-particles.
  • Affordable, with a small cost increase, to provide true anti-microbial properties.