What We Do

Your Trusted Partner When Precise And Consistent Coating Applications Are Required

Orion Industries is the most automated applicator of Teflon™ finishes in the western hemisphere. Our goal is to consistently reproduce the precise Teflon™ coating applications your business needs—time after time and part after part. We are able to do this thanks to our innovative and advanced technologies. We engineer coating solutions, build custom coating machines and specialized tooling, and manufacture automated and semi-automated coating application equipment for a diverse group of industries (https://www.orioncoat.com/industrial-applications/industries/) in the United States and abroad. We even have an in-house laboratory for research, development and testing.

With a well-trained staff of engineers, chemists, production managers, and technical consultants, Orion Industries offers the most automated and reliable Teflon™ coating applications with speed, efficiency and quality that surpass the competition. 

Types of coatings we apply:

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