Precision Coating Applications Enhance Your Products' Performance

PTFE Coatings & Other Industial Coatings for All Surfaces 

As one of the country's premier Teflon™ industrial coating and PTFE coating applicators, Orion Industries consistently provides high-volume, high-precision custom coating applications that eliminate engineering issues such as friction, sticking, corrosion, noise, abrasion, and FDA compliance.

Our innovative coating techniques increase the value of everything from automotive parts to medical devices, consumer goods to aerospace components, commercial bakery and food service items to printing. No item is too large…or too small. Plus, we can make any coating antimicrobial upon request.

Orion Industries is skilled in the following coatings:

  • Chemours Teflon™
  • Whitford Xylan® 
  • PEEK 
  • Emralon®
  • Molykote®
  • PlastiGuide™
  • ZincGlide™
  • Halar®
  • FEP
  • PFA
  • Tefzle™ ETFE 
  • Fluoropolymer
  • FluoroPlate®
  • FluoroBond®
  • FlouroBond® N/N-2
  • FluoroGlass®
  • Slick Sil®
  • ElectroBond
  • Dry Film Lubricants
  • And more than other 500 proven industrial coatings.

We also offer a family of DB L-908 coatings, which are conformable coatings for the automotive, industrial and marine industries to maximize efficiencies on rotary air moving devices. And, Orion Industries’ FluoroBond® LSR low-friction coating for silicone is designed to reduce the coefficient of friction of molded silicone rubber. 

Teflon™ is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, LTD.